Faced with cultural colonization, it is urgent to improve the teaching of history

Florida, Feb 7.- The teaching of history from the municipal to the national level must be promoted much more in each territory of Cuba, in the face of media manipulation and the hegemonic policies of the US empire and other Western powers, which seek a global order also in the field of culture.

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Let’s evoke Camilo Cienfuegos on the anniversary of his birth (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 6.- Every February 6 becomes a day to honor Camilo Cienfuegos on the 91st anniversary of his birth; This is how the journalist Marisol León Álvarez exposes it in the following report.


Florida needs severity and discipline to avoid traffic accidents

Florida, Feb 4.- In the streets of the municipality of Florida, a greater perception of risk is needed on the part of the people and more control actions by the public order authorities, to avoid traffic accidents and their consequences for people’s lives and the economy.

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Florida hosts provincial celebration for the day of the Art Instructor

Florida, Feb 4.- An extensive program of activities will be carried out by José Martí Art Instructors Brigade of the municipality of Florida, regarding the national day scheduled until February 18, the date on which the birth of Olga Alonso, a distinguished figure, is commemorated of these professionals dedicated to promoting the aesthetic taste of the population.

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The family: the best space for active and healthy aging

Florida, Feb 4.- Older adults do not always receive the treatment and consideration they deserve from families; there are cases that do not have people, are mistreated or abandoned by their relatives or give up living with them due to lack of recognition.

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Control and supervision of the units of the Internal Commerce of Florida are finished (+ Photos)


Florida, Feb 3.- The Services, Infrastructure and Industry Commission of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Florida recently concluded the control and inspection of the Domestic Commerce units in this territory.

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Florida athletes enlist for provincial competitions for children under 12 years of age

Florida, Feb 3.- Pioneer delegations of the Florida sports movement travel this weekend to the provincial capital of Camagüey to compete in events of four athletic disciplines, for girls and boys between 10 and 12 years of age.

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Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, bastion of community work (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 3.- Several areas of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in the municipality of Florida do community tasks; Proof of this are the residents of the blocks located in zone 11 of the Urban Center popular council, who for five consecutive years maintain the status of National Vanguard.

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Proposals for candidates for Parliament Deputies are evaluated in Florida

Florida, Feb 2.- In Florida, the consultation process is taking place these days, with the delegates of the 80 circumscriptions of the territory, for the formation of the candidacy of Deputies to the Cuban Parliament, which will be submitted for approval by the Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power on Sunday, February 5.

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It is important to take advantage of the experience of former workers

Florida, Feb 2.- The aging population that the country is experiencing has a direct impact on the gradual decrease in the labor force necessary to guarantee the production of goods and services that society demands, based on the drop in indicators such as the birth rate and the growth of the migration of a considerable volume of young people of working age.

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