Fidel Castro: Why Does Obama Take Pleasure in the Stupid Idea that Cuba is a Terrorist Country?

In the second part of his reflection titled “A Will of Iron” Cuban Revolution leader recalls US-backed terrorist acts against Cuba, including the bombing of the Cubana airliner in 1976, and points out that “it is not possible to understand why the illustrious Nobel Laureate heading the US administration takes pleasure in reiterating the stupid idea that Cuba is a terrorist country.” Fidel also includes in his article an unpublished message sent to him and to Raul Castro by anti-terrorist fighter Rene Gonzalez.

In his article, published on Tuesday on the local media, Fidel Castro recalls that when in 1976 the most serious terrorist acts were undertaken against Cuba, particularly the bombing in mid air of an airliner that took off from Barbados with 73 POB, including the Cuban junior fencing team that had just won all gold medals at the Central American and Caribbean Championship, the Cuban people felt such indignation that staged the most extraordinary and biggest demonstration ever, of which there is enough graphic records.

“Perhaps no US leader or many others around the world did not see the pictures of the unforgettable painful scenes,” said Fidel and suggested that it could result illustrative that such pictures be spread by the media in order to promote understanding of the motivations of the five Cuban heroic and terrorist fighters.

Posada, Bosch and another two men involved in the sabotage were arrested by Barbadian authorities and sent to Venezuela which, although being an ally of Washington had no other choice than taking the men to justice. But the CIA, through the Cuban American National Foundation, bribed jail authorities and Posada Carriles escaped from prison and settled in Ilopango, El Salvador, from where he sent the weapons that  that killed and mutilated thousands of Nicaraguans, during the Washington-backed dirty war against the Sandinista Revolution that had triumphed in July 1979, Fidel explained.

It is not possible to understand why the illustrious Nobel (Peace) Laureate heading the US administration takes pleasure in reiterating the stupid idea that Cuba is a terrorist country, while they hold four Cuban antiterrorist fighters in prisons miles away from one another, and under inhumane conditions, a punishment which is no longer imposed on any other citizen from a country that could be an adversary of the United States, much less when no military US entity has admitted to have been put at any risk by the them, while Washington now prohibits Rene Gonzalez to return to his homeland with his family.

Fidel Castro said that last October 9, when Rene Gonzalez sent his courageous message to the Cuban people, filmed a fraternal “message to Fidel and Raul,” which was not published until the US Federal Court official, supervising the probation imposed on Rene, officially informed him about his conditions under his three-year “supervised freedom”. He said he is now pleased to release the message to the Cuban people.

In the message, Rene Gonzalez expresses Fidel his gratefulness and esteem for his support of the five Cubans and for his mobilization of the people and international solidarity in favor of their cause, and for having been a source of inspiration and an example to follow over the past 13 years.

“For us, this mission has  the continuation of everything you have done before, of what your generation did for the Cuban people and for the rest of humanity,” Rene said and added that he was sure that the Five will return because “you promised it and because you have mobilized the best of humankind, the will of the whole world to make it happen.”

“And although I´m not sure that we deserve all those honors that we have been paid, I can assure that the lifetime we have left we will dedicate to deserve those honors, because you inspire us…and we will always try to be worthy of the trust that you have put in us.”

“For me, this is a trench in which I will continue to wage the same battle to which you call me, and I will do so until the end, until justice is made and be at your orders, and do whatever must be done,” reads the message sent to Fidel and Raul Castro by Rene Gonzalez.

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