New Visit to Florida of the National Group of Urban Agriculture

Florida, February 28. – The visit number 56 and first of this year by National Group of Urban and Suburban Agriculture came to Florida for two days in order to check on food production, which includes popular participation along with established producers.

During the first part of the journey the inspection came to many agricultural facilities, farms and other areas included in more than 27 sub-programs of this type of agriculture represented in the region as well as to health, educational and military centers which are prioritized for the consumption of vegetables.

The second day was devoted to the presentation of local development project for suburban agriculture, the same day took place an Expoferia on livestock with a prominent participation of the Agriculture Interest Club composed of Hihg School students, also took place a lecture on the importance of planting animal feed and the efficient use of pastures and fodder for that purpose.

The inspection visit of the National Urban Agriculture in the municipality of Florida also went over to the Green Medicine Pharmacy, several gardens and agricultural agencies and marketers of the Constituency of La Vallita.


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