Florida Starts Grassroots Events of Science and Technology Forum

By Frank Sierra

Florida, may 16, – Movement of Science and Technology Forum in Florida began grassroots events this year, which program will run until the first half of July, with about 260 meetings in different sectors like economic , services, student and mass organizations.

As in previous years the contests favor the evaluation of the papers and awards to workers, farmers and students in the pursuit of technical and scientific solutions to problems of resource deficit caused by the effects of U.S. economic blockade against Cuba.

Juan Mur Melcón, secretary of the Forum’s municipal organizing committee said the local branch of the University of Medical Sciences was the first institution to complete the task of movement and the education sector is currently driving events at schools.

According to the timetable approved by each entity in June will be made the bulk of the events in companies and workplaces of the municipality, political movement that for its financial contribution to the country each year is dedicated to greet the anniversary of the heroic deeds of Moncada on July 26, 1953 (National Rebelliousness Day).


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