Improve food production, urgent task for Florida’s Farmers

By Pedro Pablo Sáez

Florida, June 13. – To achieve better results in the production and stockpiling of food. To speed up the production capacity of more than 3700 farmers benefited by Decree Law 259, are one of the main challenges of agriculture in Florida.

The real possibility of increasing the efficiency at each milking and fulfill the plan of selling milk to the industry, prepare land, planting and harvesting on time are subjects in which the municipality is bound to get better grades in search of satisfying the demand of the people.

The guideline 187 of the Economic Policy of the Party and the Revolution requires further reduce unproductive land and increase yields for which is needed diversify crops and rotation plantations and the use of polyculture in all possible spaces.

In this regard, Florida can and must achieve that the delivery of idle land in usufruct favors increasing the amount of meat, milk and crops to record levels reached by the cooperative sector and local farmers, who are responsible for providing over 70 percent of agricultural products for the people.

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