Ninety years of Cuban Radio: what a lot of youth!

By Humberto Guevara

What was the radio five or six decades ago?, this questions in not easy to answer for many people, it was something like a device installed in a drawer which came out voices, music, advertisements for products of personal hygiene, love novels, stories, adventures, or humor programs.

Older remember episodes of Leonardo Moncada, fighting against injustice, the three Villalobos, who rode in spirited horses to defend the poorest and other serials, which regularly promoted the purchase of one that another product which praised its “virtues”.

It was the beginning, the imagination for the rest, for those who was not clear about how achieve messages came out from this equipment, some people looked it with fear and others simply listened it full of astonishment, I could say that it was a period where there was a predominance of innocence.

At the beginning each story, novel, news or message was preceded by commercial advertisement and policy also had its space, there was some people who bought radio stations to promote their candidature for mayor, town councillor or senators.

Fortunately, the radio was not this way anymore. It was used to teach and guide people, broadcast programs about cultural superseding, sex education and to spread the principles of triumphant revolution of 1959. Solidarity gained strength, and the message is aimed at the people today.

Thanks to the new generations of computers and transmitters , the quality and immediacy are predominant at rado stations, the modulated frequency is present in the v majority of stations in the country, and the use of the Internet makes it possible to give a more current message today.

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