Correa Urges to Boost Latin American and Caribbean Integration

5Quito, Feb 20 – Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, called today to continue the promotion of Latin American and Caribbean integration to face the abuse of transnational corporations. To a question by Prensa Latina at a press conference in the headquarters of the Executive, Correa described the rejection to the abusive Treaties of Bilateral Protection of Investments is a regional priority.
He cited as examples of this policy of appeasement the fact that the transnational imposes its conditions on the States of this continent, despite the demand for Amazonian communities against Chevron, before Texaco.

We must investigate how a UN body claims jurisdiction on this demand of 15 years ago made by 35,000 Amazonian due to environmental pollution and at the end it favors Chevron, he said.

The worst, he said, is that they intend to seek for support in a treaty signed in 1998 when Chevron-Texaco left Ecuador in 1992.

We are still suffering a legacy of neoliberalism, the fact that the markets attempt to govern the states and societies, which, he stressed, is over in Ecuador.

Source:  Prensa Latina

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