Art Exhibit by Cuban Anti-Terrorist Sees Large Turnout in USA

Art Exhibit by Cuban Anti-Terrorist Sees Large Turnout in USA

Art Exhibit by Cuban Anti-Terrorist Sees Large Turnout in USA

Washington, Apr 1 – A large audience attended the opening in San Francisco of the painting exhibition “Mariposas endemicas de Cuba” (Cuban Endemic Butterflies) by Antonio Guerrero, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorists imprisoned in United States.

The 25 watercolor paintings show the sensitivity and humanity of Guerrero, who developed his talents as a poet and visual artist during his captivity.

“You have given us immense strength through your support and fraternity, after almost 15 years of unjust imprisonment,” said the Cuban fighter in a message to those attending the opening ceremony, held on March 29th at Cultural Center Eric Quezada in La Mision, in the center of the Latin neighborhood San Francisco, in California.

“Art frees the mind but, above all, a man is free when, like a butterfly, he spreads peace and kindness worldwide, when all that his thought and action involve is good,” he said, according to the text distributed by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five.

People from all ages, many of them Latino, showed their surprise when hearing for the first time about the injustice made to Guerrero, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez, said the document.

The well known U.S. filmmaker Saul Landau, director of the documentary “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up” called on participants to demand that their congressional representatives do something to change their country’s policy towards Cuba.

He also asked those present to join the campaign for the return to homeland of the Cuban Five, as these men are identified by the worldwide solidarity campaign for their release.

Alfredo Murguia, prize winning poet and professor at San Francisco State University, shared some of his poems with the audience and read one of Guerrero’s called “La Simple Libertad” (Simple Freedom).

Alicia Jrapko, coordinator of the International Committee in US, reiterated that the Five had tried to stop the plans that were financed, organized and executed by groups of Cuban origins based in Miami whose criminal actions have caused more than 3,400 fatalities over the last 50 years on the Caribbean island.

The Five were arrested on September 12th, 1998 and after 17 months of solitary imprisonment were subjected to a rigged trial in Miami, the city most hostile to the Cuban government in the entire United States.

One of them, Rene Gonzalez, was released from prison in October, 2011 after serving his sentence, but remains in that country, where he is being forced to complete another three years of supervised parole.

Source: Prensa Latina

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