Venezuela votes to choose new president

Caracas, April 14, Polling stations opened their doors Sunday in Venezuela’s crucial presidential election, inwhich 18 million Venezuelans will determine the South American country’s next leader following the death of iconic president Hugo Chavez. (Tomado de RHC)

Some 55% of polling stations were opened and receiving voters as of 6:00 AM on Sunday, said the president ofVenezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, in the first election report issued by that body.

In statements toVenezuelan state television, the official said everything was set up to ensure the maximum voters turn out.

Likewise, she expressed her satisfactionwith the results so far and called for all staff involved in the process to step up their efforts towards the successful and prompt culmination of the electoral process.

Moreover, Defense Minister, Admiral Diego Molero, who went early to vote, urged the Venezuelan people to remain calm and vigilant against any possible attempts by fascist groups to destabilize the country and sabotage the elections, adding that the country’s armed forces were ready to act without any contemplation.

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