With Maduro Wins the Progressive Humanity, says African Diplomat

With Maduro Wins the Progressive Humanity, says African Diplomat

With Maduro Wins the Progressive Humanity, says African Diplomat

Havana, Apr 15 – The Ambassador of the Republic of Congo to Cuba, Pascal Onguemby, said today that Nicolás Maduro’s victory in the presidential elections in Venezuela is also a triumph of all the progressive and revolutionary mankind.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, the diplomat stressed that Africa must learn from this election result as it has shown that capitalism has no future.

“Africans must understand that Venezuela clarified the confusing situation that existed after the collapse of the socialist arena, because Hugo Chavez arrives and puts socialism in place,” said the headof the African Diplomatic Corps accredited to Havana.

According Onguemby, Chavez acted in an incredible way for he was not afraid, he did not fear imperialism.

He also considered that Maduro gives continuity to the project undertaken by Chavez, who died on March 5.

“Maduro’s victory is a great victory for the working class, and from that Europe also has to learn, because they destroyed the working class,” he said.

The diplomat explained that Chavez created the cooperation forum South America-Africa (ASA), which first summit was held in November 2006 in the city of Abuja, Nigeria. The second took place in September 2009, on the island of Margarita, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. The third was held last February in the city Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

Therefore, the diplomat stressed, Maduro’s victory is also the victory of Africa because it gives the dimension, gives way to human dignity.

Capitalism is wrong with its neoliberalism, the ambassador stressed from the Cultural House of Alba in Havana, where part of the diplomatic corps, Cuban government officials, artists, and people in general expected the results of the elections this Sunday.

Today, Venezuelans elected, with 50.66 percent of the votes, Nicolas Maduro as president of Venezuela, who will govern until 2019 and will carry out the project initiated by Chávez.

Source: Prensa Latina


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