Venezuelan President Warns Right-wing Extremists Preparing Coup

Venezuelan President Warns Right-wing Extremists Preparing Coup

Venezuelan President Warns Right-wing Extremists Preparing Coup

Caracas, April 16  — Venezuela’s newly-elected President Nicolás Maduro held former right-wing candidate Henrique Capriles responsible for violent actions occurring since Monday afternoon in the capital, Caracas.

At a press conference with national and international media at the Miraflores Presidential Palace, Maduro denounced remarks made by a representative of the most conservative political sector of the country, Julio Borges, who spoke of “the demise of the Revolution.”

Quoted by TeleSUR TV, the Venezuelan president stressed: “When the bourgeois leader Julio Borges speaks of the demise of the Revolution, it translates into a coup. They [the opposition] are going to call a general strike, they will try to close some major roads (…) They are trying to fuel the hatred in the people. There won’t be a coup.”

President Maduro also denounced that Capriles and his adviser, Leopoldo Lopez, whom he called “the armed wing of the U.S. embassy in Venezuela”, have hired motorcycle riders to terrify people in Caracas.

Holding a photograph in his hand, Maduro showed how violent groups burned two offices of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela in the states of Anzoátegui (east) and Táchira (southwest). He also commented that supporters of the opposition leader burned two motorcycles and a vehicle in front of the PSUV office in southwestern Barinas state. He also said they tried to burn the residence of the state Governor, Adán Chávez.

According to local news reports, at least seven people were killed and dozens wounded in the violence unleashed in Venezuela by the opposition, who does not recognize the results of the April 14th election when Socialist candidate Nicolas Maduro won with over 50 percent of votes.

Source: RHC

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