Cuba Leading in Regional Interventional Cardiology

Cuba Leading in Regional Interventional Cardiology

Cuba Leading in Regional Interventional Cardiology

Havana, Apr 23 – Cuba leads in interventional cardiology in Central America and the Caribbean, said Cuban specialist Angel Obregón during the 20th international symposium on the topic, in session on Apr 22-24.

Obregon, Director of Cardiology of the Center of Medical-Surgical Research (CIMEQ), told Prensa Latina that Cuba has great experience in the use of minimally invasive techniques to correct congenital cardiopathies.

“This is a very expensive procedure and in Cuba, where medicine is a social gain and we have obvious economic limitations, we are carrying it out in six hospitals, including a children’s hospital, he said.

Obregon extolled live demonstrations in this symposium, attended by 150 delegates, including 15 from Panama, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Brazil.

The 20th Symposium is sponsored by the Latin American Society of Interventional Cardiology, the Cardiology Association of Cuba and the National Council of Health Scientific Societies.

Source: Prensa Latina

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