Cuban Artists to Restore Sculpture Complex

Cuban Artists to Restore Sculpture Complex

Cuban Artists to Restore Sculpture Complex

Pinar del Rio,  Apr 23  – Artists from the FIDIAS Project will restore the sculpture complex known as La Guira, an attractive place in the west of Cuba, as told by coordinators here Tuesday.

The artists will work to restore the statues of marble of Carrara and the bronze pieces made by Italian masters.Francis Miranda, one of the promoters, said they decided to rescue the place, and they will work to restore the main gate, which will have benches in open spaces.

Several local entities are also working in the project, with a deep study of each of the works of art.

In the first stages of the reconstruction, two restaurants and a cafeteria were already benefitted and giving service.

The central hall of the place gives a panoramic view of the property, bought in 1920 by lawyer and diplomat Manuel Cortina. His interior halls are connected with a circuit of parks designed with a mixture of styles.

Open spaces, decorative elements and sculptures are combined with the presence of a river, which was used to create an artificial lake for fishing and boat sailing

A Chinese style and a Japanese style decorated houses saved valuable objects in other times, most of them now protected in museums in Pinar del Rio, after the houses disappeared.

After suffering the affects of a fire, several hurricanes and the step of time, La Guira will recover much of its charm, thanks to the restoration process.

Source: Prensa Latina

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