Cuba Hosts Int”l Workshop on Active Longevity

Cuba Hosts Int''l Workshop on Active Longevity

Cuba Hosts Int”l Workshop on Active Longevity

Havana, May 2  –  Living more than 120 years satisfactorily and active is the issue that brings together specialists at an international seminar organized by the Caribbean Medical Association (AMECA) today in this capital.The 11th International Seminar on Active and Satisfactory Longevity takes place at the Havana’s Hotel Nacional, with the objective of establishing inter-generational exchanges on how to achieve long and productive lives.

Also organized by the 120-Year-Old Cuban Club, the event, to be held until Saturday, May 4, will includes a series of lectures, workshops, and activities on motivation, culture, and physical exercises of elderly people.

Among the papers about the impact of health research is that of comedian Octavio Rodriguez (Churrisco) about joy and how laughter influences in achieving a more active longevity.

Parallel to the seminar are exhibitions on swimming, physical culture, traditional dances, and other activities carried out by elderly people, some of them octogenarians.

According to organizers, the scientific community states that human beings are genetically programmed to live between 118 and 120 years old, but that irreversible process can be accelerated through unhealthy lifestyles.

The development of science and medicine, the introduction of new drugs and vaccines, organ transplantation, and stem cell work suggest that the human body could live until 130 years.

Source: Prensa Latina

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