Cuban Education Minister highlights importance of moral values

Cuban Education Minister, Ena Elsa Velazquez

Cuban Education Minister, Ena Elsa Velazquez

HAVANA, May, 7Making of Cuban youth moral persons is something that demands the participation of the whole society, Cuba’s Minister of Education Ena Elsa Velazquez told pedagogical school principals during a meeting this Sunday in Havana.

Educating in the value system of the Cuban Revolution cannot be just another issue addressed in the National Seminar for Preparedness of the School Year, but a principle that spans vertically to teaching, stressed the Minister in that event.

Velazquez said that the school could bring both positive and negative things to students, so the first task is to ensure exemplary teacher morale, especially to those who are still in training.

Miriam Tejeda, head of the Department of Marxism and History of the Ministry of Education (MINED), said during the exchange that their entities, in coordination with the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, have been implemented in recent years several diagnoses that reveal the current state of the moral values and political ideology of the students.

There are basic shortcomings, she said, students lack tools for dialogue, show little respect for the elderly and little interest in learning from them, and present a inadequate body language and outreach.

The officials involved in the discussion agreed that it was necessary to make more flexible and enjoyable spaces for reflection on the national and international reality, so that students do not perceive it as an imposition, in addition to the formation of values should be integrated into all classes.

Source: Radio Rebelde

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