Cuba Hosts Central America, Caribbean Congress on Internal Medicine

Cuba Hosts Central America, Caribbean Congress on Internal Medicine

Cuba Hosts Central America, Caribbean Congress on Internal Medicine

Havana, May 14  –  The XXIII Congress of the Association of Internal Medicine of Central America and the Caribbean officially starts today in this capital with a lecture entitled “Clinical and internal medicine,” by Dr. Alfredo Espinosa Brito. Previously, delegates to the Congress attended several medical courses at various venues in the capital.A symposium entitled “The Crisis of the clinical method” will be included in the first working session of the delegates, a troublesome issue, with much talking and not fulfilled, we do not know why,” told Prensa Latina Dr. Alfredo Nasiff, President of the Organizing Committee of the meeting.

Defined as the scientific method applied to clinical practice, the order to study and understand the process of health and disease in a subject in his entirety social, biological and psychological integrity, the clinical method is developed and built on medical knowledge.

Hence it comprises as basic elements of action, questioning the patient, physical examination, clinical reasoning to formulate diagnostic hypotheses, and selecting additional tests for confirmation.

The Congress also comprises another symposium on hospital safety.

Other topics for discussion are addressing the highest prevalence diseases, cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, among others, he said.

Dr. Nasiff noted that during the meeting will be delivered two awards, “Professor Joseph E. Fernandez Mirabal In Memoriam,” to the best free theme as a tribute to the distinguished professor who for many years presided over the Cuban Society of Internal Medicine, and “Professor Ignacio Macias Castro” interesting cases, in memory of one of the medical clinic Cuban teachers.

Source: Prensa Latina

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