Cuban Farmers Support National Economic Strategies

Cuban Farmers Support National Economic Strategies

Cuban Farmers Support National Economic Strategies

HAVANA, May, 16 Thousands of members of the Cuban Small farmers Association (ANAP) held a series of municipal and provincial gatherings over the past days to analyze and debate strategies in support of the country economic plans, train producers and enforce discipline and control against crime and corruption, said association president Felix Gonzalez in statements to Granma newspaper.Gonzalez said that given the farmer crucial commitment to the production of staples, such as rice, coffee, meat, milk, vegetable and sugar cane, they could not wait to the 2015 National Congress to address these issues. He noted that producers are now in better conditions to work, deal with contracts and meet them.

The farmer leader called on ANAP associates to boost the production of milk and beans and he also stressed the need for closer relations with the National Police to fight illegal sacrifice of cattle the theft of produce.

The assemblies, which closed Wednesday in eastern Santiago de Cuba, were aimed at boosting food production and strengthening the leadership of cooperative farms in all municipalities and provinces.

On the occasion of celebrations for National Farmer Day, on May 17, which also marks the 52nd anniversary of the setting up of the farmers organization by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro, the ANAP president congratulated all rural workers and he noted that the central ceremony for the date will be hosted by western Artemisa province.

Source: Radio Rebelde

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