Cuban Film Receives Nominations in the New York Film Festival

Cuban Film Receives Nominations in the New York Film Festival

Cuban Film Receives Nominations in the New York Film Festival

Camaguey, Cuba, May, 16 – “Pablo”, the first feature film directed by Yosmani Acosta Martinez is nominated in five categories in the next the New York International Film Festival.Details of this event were revealed in a communication sent to Camaguey by Acosta Martinez from the United States, where he traveled to attend several events related to the audiovisual productions.

This film is considered a public good campaign against domestic violence and it has been nominated in the categories of best foreign film, best director, best leading actor and actress, best supporting actor, and best original script.

Javier Diaz Varona, born in Camagüey and who was 12 years old when filming the movie, took most of the role of the leading character, Pablo, briefly played in childhood by his brother Jadiel (five years at that time ), in a film shot in 2011 in the capital of the province.

One of the few professional actors in the film, Omar Franco, with remarkable scenic career was nominated in the category of Supporting Actor, for his performance of Rogelio, the father of Pablo, a victim of domestic abuse.

Yosmani Acosta, Joel Ortega and Luisa Alejo are the authors of the script, which is a denunciation to a scourge of universal impact.

Martinez Acosta�s visit related to the presentation of the film in U.S. territory began in the Palm Beach International Film Festival, Florida. In addition to the scale of New York, the trip will include meetings in Tampa and Chicago, as well as commercial projections.

It is also scheduled the film to participate in a forum in Saint-Julien-en Born, to be held in June in France.
The first public screenings of the film took place last December in Havana, in an out of competition program at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

Source: Portal Cubarte


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