Over 80 Additional Rooms for Tourism in Cuba

Over 80 Additional Rooms for Tourism in Cuba

Over 80 Additional Rooms for Tourism in Cuba

May, 16 – “Cuba has improved its tourist and hotel infrastructure in order to increase the incomes and the professionalism.”Manuel Marrero Cruz, who is the local minister of Tourism, said while he was talking to tour operators and the diplomatic staff who is attending the XXXIII International Tourism Fair.“During the last year, the incomes from the tourism sphere surpassed the $ 2000 and 600 millions of local convertible-peso currency. Moreover, it is currently being carried out a program of investment which will guarantee over 80 thousand additional rooms.” Manuel Marrero Cruz pointed out.

During the last year, there were eight hotels with 1300 rooms each which were properly used while it has been planned to conclude four new hotel facilities; therefore, Cuba has up to 60552 rooms currently available and 65% percent of them are rated as four and five starts hotels, respectively.

Manuel Marrero Cruz pointed out that it is necessary to use the new technologies of the communication in respect to the use of the internet and the social networks given the fact that the Cuban tourism is in the middle of the process of changes, so it is essential to carry out promotional and advertising campaigns through those local mass media in order to increase the local tourism image overseas.

Manuel Marrero Cruz regarded the area of Varadero as the main holiday destination which has currently up to 50 hotels and 20 thousand rooms available which constitutes the 44 percent of the tourists arriving in the country.

Manuel Marrero Cruz pointed out that there are in Cuba up to 2242 restaurants or private restaurants, including some 6115 rooms and 950 houses for rent of which their owners are properly taught on the care and proper working aspects.

Regarding the strategic necessity in respect of diversifying the tourist emitting markets and the segments of clients, he made reference to the expectations about a natural market like Brazil which is the nation the aforementioned fair is dedicated to.

Carlos Voleger, who is the regional director for the Americas of the World Organization for Tourism (OMT), admitted the direct impact of the crisis in that sphere, but he said that it has showed a great capacity to be recovered. Moreover, he commented that China became the main tourist emitting market in the world with an increase of up to 32% and 40% during the last two years, followed by Germany, the United States, United Kingdom and Russia while Brazil is the main tourist emitting nation in the region.

Source: Radio Rebelde

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