Cuba Celebrates Int’l Day against Homophobia

Cuba Celebrates Int'l Day against Homophobia

Cuba Celebrates Int’l Day against Homophobia

Havana, May 17  –  Cuba is celebrating the International Day against Homophobia today with events around the country, where the sixth annual symposium against that discriminatory conduct is part of the activities scheduled for the month of May.Mariela Castro, director of the National Sexual Education Center, stressed that there is political willingness in Cuba to defend the sexual rights of all citizens.

“We are working to change consciousness and legitimize those rights. Laws do not guarantee human rights on their own; they must be backed by political will, but above all by a transformation in social consciousness,” she said.

Community panels, marches, theatrical plays, and cultural galas celebrating respect for diversity are platforms that help bring people closer to that reality, which touches everyone, whether in the neighborhood or within their own family.

It was on this date that the General Assembly of the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and other Health Problems.

Source: Prensa Latina

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