Cuban Rooms for Internet Access ready to Start Services

Cuban Rooms for Internet Access ready to Start Services

Cuban Rooms for Internet Access ready to Start Services

HAVANA,  Jun 4 – The 118 rooms currently available in Cuba for public access to the Internet, are ready in order to offer their services from today, an official of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba SA (ETECSA) said. In statements to ACN, Luis Manuel Diaz Naranjo, director of ETECSA, reiterated that the benefits consist of the ability to connect to the Internet and national network and use international email services.

The new locations are located in Multiservice Centers that belong to that entity, which will be open Monday through Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 pm

For access to the domestic network, the service will cost 0.60 CUC per hour (0.70 USD).

On the other hand, if the person wishes to request an international email and surf the national network, the amount will rise to 1.50 CUC per hour (1.73 USD).

Meanwhile, the use of the Internet and all its services will cost 4.50 CUC per hour (5.20 USD)

By direct payment in collective rooms, or through purchase at the business offices of ETECSA of a Nauta card to be used at enabled stations, users can activate temporary access accounts, valid for 30 calendar days from the first connection.

They may also hire a permanent account with their user name, password and fixed international mail upon request and pay the appropriate fee.

The expansion of the public service Internet responds to the strategy proposed by Cuba to gradually facilitate access of the population to new technologies, making the best use of available resources.

Source: ACN

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