René González Dedicates Mural to the Cuban Five

René González Dedicates Mural to the Cuban Five

René González Dedicates Mural to the Cuban Five

Cuba, June, 6 – In a which brought together more than twenty artists to make a for the Five in the Ruben Martinez Villena hall of the National Association of Cuban Writers and Artist (), Rene Gonzalez expressed: “We were protecting your happiness and we were glad to do so.All we do for our brothers will be useful, above all if it is aimed at the US society. We have a lot of support around the world, but we need to break the silence about the case in the United States.“

In a space kept for Rene on the cloth he wrote: “I am still imprisoned as long as the five of us are not together in Cuba.“
The idea of making a collective painting arouse from a card, now going around in Washington, in which Rene placed the stamp for the Five and artists Kcho (Alexis Leyva) and Ernesto Rancano embossed with a ship and a humming bird, respectively. The painting is 1.40 meters long and ten meters wide and is the introduction to a further exhibition for the Five intended to be displayed in Washington.

This occasion served to celebrate Gerardo Hernandez’ and Ramon Labanino’s birthdays and ratify the commitment of keeping up the fight for the return of them all to Cuba. “It is a criminal imprisonment. Our goal must be their being here with us for next year,“ he added.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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