Hip-Hop Culture Forging a Future in Cuba

Hip-Hop Culture Forging a Future in Cuba

Hip-Hop Culture Forging a Future in Cuba

Havana, Jun 6  –  Future seems to have favourable conditions for the hip-hop movement in Cuba, even more under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture to the first festival for children and young fans of this genre.Growing Up in the Hip-Hop will be the perfect space for the undiscovered talents to express themselves in areas such as rap, graffiti, break dance, DJs and MCs so typical of a culture very similar to that of Havana.

Despite the rise of hip-hop in this capital, children across the country will participate in this convention, which gives them the possibility to interact with professionals who never had that opportunity.

As elsewhere in the world, hip-hop in Cuba faces the scourge of a genre created by modern industry to trivialize its social content, which is neither reggae nor rap: reggaeton.

There is still much confusion, putting rappers and reggaeton singers often on the same boat, despite their conceptual differences, but many young talents opt for uncontaminated fusion.

“Unlike reggaeton and dance music, hip-hop is more spiritual, something to listen in private, by allowing you to get what is inside,” said Cuban rapper, Bravo, to Prensa Latina.

The Cuban rap heritage counts with meaningful names as Obsession, Anónimo Consejo, Los Aldeanos and Orishas while Havana has been an scenario for several international stars like The Roots and Jovanotti.

Source: Prensa Latina

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