Cuba Raises Effectiveness in Protecting Borders

Cuba Raises Effectiveness in Protecting Borders

Cuba Raises Effectiveness in Protecting Borders

Havana, Jul 10  –  The General Custom House of the Republic of Cuba (AGR) raised its preparedness and effectiveness in fighting drug trafficking, ensuring the protection of the society from air and sea borders.Moraima Rodriguez, head of the Research Department of the Directorate of Combat at the AGR, said the increasing number of Cuban and foreign travelers, and the flexibilization of recent customs regulations implemented, demand more staff training.

Until June 25, about 18 cases of drug trafficking were detected in air border, seizing 17.22 kilograms of drugs, 12.54 of cocaine, 0.91 kilograms of marijuana, and 3,77 of cannabis, and synthetic or design drugs, Rodriguez said.

The AGR currently has videoprotección cameras, modern X-ray equipment, Ionscan, with which we have no need to disturb the passenger, and Bodyscan, recently acquired, which allows the detection of intra and extra-physical smuggling actions.

The Customs’ Dog technical units, trained in many specialties, are also involved in the confrontation.

Source: Prensa Latina


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