Cuban Artists Pay Tribute to Moncada Attack

Moncada Garrison

Moncada Garrison

Santiago de Cuba, Jul 18  –  Cuban artists contribute today with their works to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Garrison, July 26, on behalf of the whole island.

The major action is the National Exhibition of Fine Arts 60th Anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada Garrison, convened by the Council of Santiago de Cuba to these artistic expressions, the Caguayo Foundation, and the Union of Artists and Writers.
Some 80 works among engraving, paintings, sculptures, and installations were chosen among artists across the country, and will be shown as of tomorrow with the opening of large format art gallery “Arte Soy,” near to the former second most important military fortress in Cuba.

The artists’ contribution joins to the preparations taking place in the city to be worthy host of the historic date, in which young revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro attacked the military enclave and began the last stage in the Cubans’ liberating deed.

Source: Prensa Latina

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