Second Pastors for Peace Group Heads for Cuba

Second Pastors for Peace Group Heads for Cuba

Second Pastors for Peace Group Heads for Cuba

Mexico, Jul 18  –  The second group of the U.S.-Cuba Friendship Caravan Pastors for Peace will leave today for the island with a message of love and solidarity, defying Washington”s laws.

A first group with 72 people, who are part of the caravan that for the 24th occasion visits Cuba, arrived in Havana yesterday with the usual load of humanitarian aid.This time, they brought medicines, which have been prohibited for Cuba by the United States (U.S) administration, and construction tools for the people in Santiago de Cuba to help the reconstruction of that eastern province, severely affected by hurricane Sandy last October.

The caravan members who were here in Mexico staged yesterday an ecumenical ceremony along with hundreds of Mexicans in solidarity with the island in front of the U.S. embassy, located at Reforma Avenue.

Under a heavy rain, hundreds of people claimed in front of the embassy the cessation of the economic and trade blockade imposed for more than 50 years to that people.

The Pastors for Peace Caravan was an initiative by late U.S. Reverend Lucius Walker.

Its members state today that they will always respond to the philosophy impregnated by the founder of the Caravan, who said that “our license to be in solidarity with Cuba or any other nation or cause only had a name: love.”

Source: Prensa Latina

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