Cuba Celebrates Che Guevara Manuscripts in World Register

Cuba Celebrates Che Guevara Manuscripts in World Register

Cuba Celebrates Che Guevara Manuscripts in World Register

Havana, Jul 19  –  The UN Memory of the World Register is honored when saving documents whose creator is one of the most outstanding figures mankind has ever known, Ernesto Che Guevara, said investigator Berarda Salabrarria here Friday.According to Salabarria, president of the Cuban Committee of the Memory of the World Register, the work of legendary Ernesto Che Guevara trascended the Third World, to become universal.

His Marxist, anti-dogmatic, humanistic thought, his image and his revolutionary theoretical and practical path are together with the strongest claims of justice ever made, said Salabarria in a ceremony held at Morro Cabaña, for the inclusion of the life and work of Che Guevara in this international institution promoted by the UNESCO.

The Che Guevara File in the Memory of the World Register is comprehensive, including 1,007 documents covering from manuscripts in his adolescence and youth, until his campaign diary in Bolivia.

The collection includes 431 manuscripts, 567 written documents about the life and work of Che Guevara and a valuable iconographic, film and museable amount of objects and materials.

These texts join to the collection of the work of José Martí and the negatives of the Latin American ICAIC news reports, of the Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry, inscribed previously, said the president of the National Commission of the Unesco, Juan Antonio Fernández.

The inclusion of those documents means a recognition to the contribution by the guerilla fighter to the Latin American and world revolutionary thought that has turned Che Guevara into a symbol of rebelliousness, liberation and internationalism, Fernández stated.

On the other hand, Aleida Guevara, Che’s daughter, said the texts, to be preserved for the new generations, offer the possibility of knowing Che not only as a statesman, leader and politician, but also as the human being that knew how to laugh, make jokes and love the people.

Created in 1997, the UNESCO World Memory Register wants to protect important elements of the political, philosophical, literary and musical patrimony in different formats, such as text, graphics or audiovisual.

Source: Prensa Latina

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