Cuban Medical College Graduates over 3,570 Professionals

Cuban Medical College Graduates over 3,570 Professionals

Cuban Medical College Graduates over 3,570 Professionals

Santiago de Cuba, Jul 20  –  A total of 3,575 professionals, of which 652 are foreigners, graduated today from Santiago de Cuba Medical University, main college of these specialties in Eastern Cuba.

The graduates are doctors, dentists, nurses, health technicians and psychologists who join the more than 72,300 professionals formed by the institution in its 51 years, during which 3,591 young people from 76 countries were also trained.

Bolivia is the country with the highest number of graduates, 410, followed by Jamaica with 68, Venezuela with 61, and Haiti with 59, which should contribute to an inclusive and humanistic health care for their people, away from the profit and commercialism.

Adrian Garcia Rosales, the most distinguished doctor of the 46th promotion, said they had just begun a different stage in their careers and paid tribute to Mario Muñoz Monroy, the doctor who accompanied Fidel Castro and the young men who attacked the Moncada barracks on July 26, 1953.

Meanwhile, Bolivian Manuel Bernardo Espejo, who was the most outstanding foreign student, thanked Cuba for his training and for turning them into better human beings that will be able to return to help the poor and contribute to the revolution in Latin America.

The event was attended by college´s teachers and officials, and the ambassadors from Ecuador, Edgar Ponce Inturriaga; Bolivia, Palmiro Soria and Argentina, Juliana Marino.



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