Ceramic Mural Dedicated to Chavez Unveiled on His Birthday

The mural is a present from the people of the coastal community of Jaimanitas and artists and people who came together to create this present to Hugo Chavez on his 59th birthday

Ceramic Mural Dedicated to Chavez Unveiled on His Birthday

Ceramic Mural Dedicated to Chavez Unveiled on His Birthday

Cuba, July, 30 – A ceramic mural dedicated to President Hugo Chávez was unveiled Sunday in the coastal community of Jaimanitas, Havana, as part of the celebrations for his 59th birthday. The ambassador of Venezuela to Cuba, Edgardo Ramírez, who was present at the celebrations, said that the piece was a example of Cuban culture and Cuban love for the Eternal Leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, as Chavez is also called. 

A little after  7:00 p.m., and after he put the final tiles on the mural dedicated to the Supreme Commander and to the Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, Ramirez recalled the conditions in which Chavez was born, a very modest but highly spiritual family.
“This tribute resembles Chavez, he said, and also Fidel, because we cannot speak of Chavez without mentioning the leader of the Cuban Revolution. They both embody the people, the love, the expression of gratitude and solidarity, generosity and integrity. This act, Ramírez pointed out, is the expression of two peoples who were made in the image and likeness of Simón Bolívar and José Martí.  Thank you Fuster, thank you Cuba for all the love, generosity and devotion to Venezuela.”
Deeply moved, the Venezuelan ambassador spoke about the emotionally charged, full of nostalgia and sadness tribute, “We can’t deny it, but as President Maduro has said: we should turn the pain and the tears into strength to defend the Revolution.”
“Today’s act reflects Chavez’s spirit,” Ramirez said. He also added that Venezuela is honoured with the tribute paid by thousands of people in Cuba to the best friend Cuba has ever had, as Fidel has called him.
“We are invincible. The empire might have millions and millions of bombs. They might have the force of death but it is not superior to the force of love and peace,” he concluded before joining the people of Jaimanitas to celebrate with its children and artist José Antonio Rodríguez Fúster the anniversary of the undefeated and invincible Hugo Chavez.
Attended by the Minister of Culture Rafael Bernal and the head of the Office of Marti’s Studies Armando Hart Dávalos, the celebrations were full of poems, songs and dances and ended up with a cake decorated with the colours of the Venezuelan flag.
In the morning, René González, one of the Cuban Five, came by to share some time with the children of Jaimanitas and to put on one tile on this mural that was finally unveiled on July 28.
The mural was started by Fúster on July 24 immediately after he returned from a trip to restore a monument of José Martí in the University of Panamá. He made an open call to everyone who wanted to join in and put in their effort in this tribute to President Chavez. Renowned Cuban artists joined the children of Jaimanitas and Fúster to make the mural which was unveiled on July 28 as a present to the late President Hugo Chávez on his 59th birthday.
Source: Juventud Rebelde

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