UN Analyzes Using Mercenaries in its Missions

UN Analyzes Using Mercenaries in its Missions

UN Analyzes Using Mercenaries in its Missions

United Nations, Jul 31  –  The use of private companies of security in the so-called UN peace missions and humanitarian operations will be debated today by a team of experts of that world body.

The study is in charge of the UN working group on the use of mercenaries as a means to violate human rights and prevent the exercise of the peoples right to self-determination, established in 2005.

The debate is part of a one-year program of meetings on the issue of inserting elements from such private companies in UN contingents worldwide.

To justify the use of these assets, the current head of the group, Anton Matz, said that it is a possibility “to positively influence the standards and conduct of those corporations” to comply with human rights standards.

Matz said the UN is “an important consumer of security services”.

However, he said that the world body has to be a model to governments and other institutions in the use of the services of the military and security companies.

Otherwise, “the outsourcing of security functions of the UN in favor of private firms may have negative effects on the effectiveness and image of the UN,” he warned.

In a report published on December 2012, members of the group called for ensuring that the providers of these troops have a clean record on human rights.

The working group is composed of Katz and Faiza Patel (Pakistan), Patricia Arias (Chile), Elzbieta Karska (Poland) and Gabor Rona (United States).

Source: Prensa Latina


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