Afro Cuban Dance Group to Germany

Afro Cuban Dance Group to Germany

Afro Cuban Dance Group to Germany

Pinar del Rio,  Jul 31  – Cuban folkloric dances will be performed once again in Germany next year, during the International Afro Caribbean Culture Festival, to which Cuban group La Camorra will attend, as told by coordinators here Wednesday.

This will be the third presentation in this show of the group from Pinar del Rio, Cuba, in a show including rhythms and other artistic expressions from Latin America and the Caribbean, scheduled for next summer, reported group director Luis Miguel Martinez to Prensa Latina.

Recently arrived from Europe, the Cuban group is getting ready for a new performance in Germany, with several couples of dancers showing traditional steps, a mixture of Cuban son and other musical trends with African-origin dances, some of them linked to ancient African-origin religions like Yoruba.

La Camorra saw the light for the first time 12 years ago, is based in a community called Puerto Esperanza, a place where it gathers than 100 inhabitants, among children, young people and adults.

They work to preserve the validity of patrimonial rhythms and dances and foster the flourishing of other manifestations such as fine arts and the care of the environment.

They also take part in voluntary work sessions to help in the cleaning of the shore, planting trees in the community and contribute to create a harmonious environment with nature and the ocean, besides keeping links with similar artistic projects such as Cuban theatre project Corimacao (Matanzas) and others in Barcelona, Spain.

Cuban painter Humberto Hernandez, famous for his works representing scenes of sea storms, is one of the promoters of the socio-cultural program.

“We are satisfied to have this work on the neighbourhood, being able to rescue African-rooted ancestral dances and create a peaceful atmosphere through art,” he said.

Source: Prensa Latina


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