German Communist Youths Visit Cuba

German Communist Youths Visit Cuba

German Communist Youths Visit Cuba

HAVANA,  July 31 – Members of Germany’s Communist Youth (SDAJ) are visiting the island to have a first hand look at Cuban reality and learn about the work and role in society of the Young Communist League.

Thais Suzette, official with the Young Communist League’s International Relations Department briefed the German visitors about the participation of Cuban youths in ongoing social transformations in the country and on the comprehensive education of the new generations.

The brigade members, who came for an exchange of experience with local organizations, are jointly participating with the Network of Universities in Solidarity with the Cuban Five, in a series of activities, including visits to places of historic, social and political interest.

The group is made up of 25 members, who were joined by 15 Cuban university students during the program.
The president of Germany’s Communist Youths Organization Bjorn Schmidt said the visit aims at supporting Cuba and its revolution. He noted that the exchange with Cuban students and youths allows them deepening their knowledge about “our common fight against imperialism.”

The German brigade will be in Cuba till August 5. They have thus far visited the Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial, Bay of Pigs in Playa Giron, the Molecular Immunology Center and other places of interest. On Friday the visitors are scheduled to meet with relatives of the five anti-terrorist Cubans, who were imprisoned in the United States in 1998, four of whom are still meeting unfair sentences in US jails.

Source: ACN


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