Vietnam Obtains 21 New Coffee Varieties

Vietnam Obtains 21 New Coffee Varieties

Vietnam Obtains 21 New Coffee Varieties

Hanoi, Aug 1  –  Experts from the Institute of Agronomy and Forestry Sciences of Vietnam celebrate today the achievement of 21 new varieties of coffee highly resistant to diseases.

That result was achieved in the main Vietnamese coffee region, which has no tradition in coffee growing, after a nonstop boosting of coffee fields that led the country to become the second world exporting country of the bean and its final product, after Brazil.

A quality award granted by the ministry of agriculture and rural development was given to 13 out of the 21 new varieties, that include 11 robusta and 2 arabica.

According to researchers the robusta variety will produce from 4.5 to 7 tons of beans per hectare in each harvest and will have only from 0 to 0.1 percent of probabilities of become infected by the roya.

The 10 arabic varieties will produce from 4 to 5 tons per hectare and will have high resistance to the most common insects and fungi, including the roya.

The institute has coordinated with authorities of the provinces the creation of a special area measuring dozens of hectares to produce each year around 4 millions of shoots to provide local farmers with the new varieties.

Vietnam has 600,000 hectares of coffee trees and during the 2011-2012 harvest, 1,600,000 tons of coffee were exported, which is valued at $3.4 billion USD.

Source: Prensa Latina

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