Sao Paulo Forum Inaugurated

Sao Paulo Forum Inaugurated

Sao Paulo Forum Inaugurated

HAVANA, Aug 2 – The 19th Forum of Sao Paulo (FSP) brings together (since Wednesday and until Sunday) in that Brazilian city a wide representation and the parties and left movements of the world, to discuss geopolitical topics and regional blocs.

The meeting, attended by delegates of 90 organizations and left political movements of 40 nations, began its sessions with the analysis of several issues of regional and international topicality, in working groups, the Granma newspaper reported.

Valter Pomar, executive secretary of the FSP, pointed out that the meeting has the objective of preparing alternatives to the neo-liberal models prevailing in Latin America and promoting economic, political and cultural relations between nations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He added that one of the groups will work on the final declaration, which will unite bilateral agreements and analyze requests of admission to the forum.

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