CELAC Calls to Fight Poverty, Hunger and Inequality

CELAC Calls to Fight Poverty, Hunger and Inequality

CELAC Calls to Fight Poverty, Hunger and Inequality

United Nations, Aug 6  –  The Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations (CELAC) asserted today at the United Nations that there can not be lasting peace without development and without fighting poverty, hunger and inequality.

” Speaking on behalf of that group, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez highlighted the increase of the actions by CELAC as a joint force within the UNO.

“Our common stances in numerous matters of interest to the international community are a prelude of our possibilities,” he said. The minister spoke today in an open debate of the Security Council, headed by Argentine President Cristina Fernandez, about cooperation among regional organizations for peace and security sustenance.

He highlighted that CELAC has armed itself with institutions that allow us to foster unity in our diversity, to integrate ourselves and cooperate and discuss our own issues among ourselves.”

They also allow us to express our solidarity with each other to solve the huge problems that still affect Latin America and the Caribbean, he said.

We intend to develop ourselves, to live at peace, protect human dignity and preserve and enrich our culture, he said after stating that CELAC is achieving common visions regarding social development, education, health, environment, energy and finances.

In that reference, he stressed that the group is readying to work jointly regarding cooperation, nuclear disarmament, fighting corruption, agriculture and science and technology.

Rodriguez highlighted the setting up of a mechanism of the CELAC member countries within the UN that allows joint participation in the debates of the different commissions and presenting a stance agreed by consensus.

About peace sustenance, he said CELAC considered that to achieve long-term stability and prevent recurrence of conflicts, it is necessary to strengthen the strategic, integral and coordinated perspective of the presence of the UN on the spot.

By means of strengthening national institutions, it is also necessary to foster reconstruction tasks and economic and social development in the areas of conflict, he clarified.

Rodriguez insisted on the role of regional organizations and especially recognized the contribution by the African Union.

He also praised solidarity and cooperation by the members of CELAC to Haiti, and considered essential the presence of the UN in that Caribbean nation, through its stabilization mission and support by the international community.

“CELAC, reaffirms that those efforts will be effective, as long as they are part of a sustainable long-term project, under the direction and leadership of the Haitian Government and with full respect for its sovereignty,” he said.

He ratified that Latin America and the Caribbean is a zone of peace, free of nuclear weapons, and CELAC has a common stance in important issues of the international agenda.

Among those issues, he mentioned “the Argentinian legitimate demand in the dispute for the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands” and the call to nuclear disarmament.

Rodriguez paid homage to late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez Frias, “one of the founders and of the main articulators of the setting up of CELAC.”

Source: Prensa Latina

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