Sao Paulo Forum Condemns Washington’s Blockade of Cuba

Sao Paulo Forum Condemns Washington's Blockade of Cuba

Sao Paulo Forum Condemns Washington’s Blockade of Cuba

Sao Paulo, Aug. 5 — The delegates that participated the 19th Forum of Sao Paulo unanimously condemned the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba during the closing session of the meeting. 

The forum issued a document blasting Washington’s continuous actions aimed at hindering the development of the Caribbean nation.  Participants at the forum also criticized the sanctions imposed by U.S. entities on companies that have links to the island, which have inflicted huge damage over the past 50 years and have failed to topple the Cuban Revolution.

The Sao Paulo Forum also adopted a Cuban resolution on the need to achieve unity towards the full political, economic and cultural integration of the region.  Participants also demanded the return to Cuba of the anti-terrorist fighters known as The Cuban Five, held in U.S. jails since 1998.

Other resolutions approved by the Forum supported the Venezuelan government headed by Nicolas Maduro; Puerto Rico’s independence from the United States, the return of the Malvinas Islands to Argentina, and supporting the peace process in Colombia.  Another resolution condemned Washington’s espionage activities around the world, as revealed by Edward Snowden.

Source: RHC


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