Guatemala for Improving Health Indexes with Cuban Nurses

Guatemala for Improving Health Indexes with Cuban Nurses

Guatemala for Improving Health Indexes with Cuban Nurses

Guatemala, Aug 6  – The Guatemalan Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance wants to reduce negative indexes in mother and infant mortality with the work of Cuban nurses as confirmed by official sources.

The 24 nurses we received from Cuba will give services in the northern department of Alta Verapaz, one of the regions with the highest number of deaths of mothers and children in the national territory, said Doctor Rodolfo Zea, who is at the head of the health attention.

Doctor Zea said the work of these professionals will be led to improve the sanitary conditions in the zone, where it is said that there is little access to medical services and high illiteracy rates, besides poverty.

Guatemalan Public Health Vice Minister Doctor Angel Manzano said the Cuban nurses will also help to reach the objectives of the Hambre Cero Plan in Guatemala.

Official data said 50 percent of the Guatemalan children less than 5 years of age are suffering malnutrition.

The head of the Cuban Medical Brigade, Reynaldo Pons, said that the request for the Cuban nurses was made by Guatemalan Public health Minister Jorge Villavicencio in a visit made to Havana in December 2012.

Pons said that with the arrival of the 24 nurses, the number of Cuban public health professionals in Guatemala will increase up to 355.

Just like in Cuba, the nurses will work for the prevention of diseases, vaccination and the promotion of good feeding and hygiene habits.

Cuban Embassy business attaché Julio Almaguer said that since November 1998 until last June Cuban doctors have consulted more than 34.97 million Guatemalan patients, which is more than twice the number of the Guatemalan national population.

Almaguer said the Cuban doctors have saved more than 284,000 lives in Guatemala, and 111,000 people have been operated for different pathologies thanks to the Vision Now Operation.

Source: Prensa Latina


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