New Book Reveals Details about Assassination of Che Guevara

New Book Reveals Details about Assassination of Che Guevara

New Book Reveals Details about Assassination of Che Guevara

HAVANA,  Aug 6 – New and irrefutable facts about the assassination of Cuban-Argentinean guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara are revealed in a new book by Cuban writers and researchers.
The book, entitled “The Assassination of Che in Bolivia,” by authors Adys Cupull and Froilan Gonzalez discloses, through testimonies of people linked to the historic events, details of the last hours of the life of Che Guevara before he was killed and buried.

The book, edited by Cuba’s Editora Politica publishing house, will be launched at the 2014 Havana International Book Fair.

The authors provide information about the tragic end of some of the persons involved in Che’s assassination and the way that Che is still alive in the memory of Bolivian citizens.

In their book, the two researchers refer to their meetings with Bolivian journalist and writer Silvia Mercedes Avila, who was an outstanding reporter with Radio Fides radio station, then led by priest Jose Gramunt.

Avila recalled that on October 9, 1967, the radio station announced that Che Guevara had died the previous evening as a consequence of wounds during a combat at the La Higuera site.

But the news called the attention of several colleagues of the journalist, since the military command had not yet released any reports on such event, said the reporter in the book as she noted that the bad news spread throughout the world.

Avila added that during a journalism course she took in Germany, she learned about the close links between Father Gramunt and the US embassy in La Paz, and his relationship to general Rene Barrientos, who was the president of Bolivia at the time.

Many said that the priest was a CIA agent, who passed the information to the radio station, said the journalist, who pointed out that when she asked Father Gramunt about how he learned of the death of Che, he said that the US embassy in Bolivia, “knew everything and decided everything.”

Source: ACN

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