Solidarity Brigade Pays Tribute to Cuban National Hero

Solidarity Brigade Pays Tribute to Cuban National Hero

Solidarity Brigade Pays Tribute to Cuban National Hero

SANTIAGO,  Aug 6 – Members of the 20th Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity-with-Cuba Brigade, currently visiting the island, paid tribute on Tuesday to National Hero Jose Marti at the Mausoleum that treasures his mortal remains at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery, in this eastern Cuban city.

The activists, who come from 13 countries, laid a floral wreath and kept one minute of silence at the place to honor the organizer of the 1895 Cuban independence war.

Cuban Friendship Institute official in Santiago Carlos Vaillant welcomed the visitors, who will leave the province to tour other eastern territories.

Villant briefed the activists about the damage inflicted on the province by hurricane Sandy last October and the recovery efforts undertaken by the people to get the city back on its feet.

Mexican activist Elbia Herrera said she has been able to learn about the resistance of the Cuban people and the deep humane values instilled in them by the Cuban Revolution.

Colombian Alvaro Buitrago, a retired unionist, praised the island’s achievements in the fields of healthcare and education, two services which, he said, are very expensive in his country.

The solidarity brigade, which is currently visiting several Cuban provinces, includes activists from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Martinique, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, French Guyana, Honduras, Haiti, Guadeloupe and other nations.

Source: ACN

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