Ringo Starr between Music and Literature

Ringo Starr between Music and Literature

Ringo Starr between Music and Literature

Havana, Aug 8   –  Having just turned 73 years old on last July 7, the British musician Ringo Starr, former drummer of The Beatles, shows his versatility getting involved -as other contemporary colleagues- in the publishing market.

After having tried almost everything in music, he embarks on a journey in the world of literature, something that was haunting him for some time and now is coming true.

In coming October Ringo will publish “Octopus’s garden”, a children’s text inspired by a homonym song of his own that was released in 1969 as part of Abbey Road, The Beatles’ number 11 studio album, one of the most successful discs, according to the critics.

The idea, he reported to the press, came a year earlier while sailing along the coast of the Italian island of Sardinia. In this journey I refused an octopus dish and then the captain told me this seafaring legend.

Octopuses traveled and traveled the length and breadth of the sea collecting stones and shiny objects to build gardens later, said the musician. I loved the story and turned it first into a song. Now it will fill the pages of a book.

But Ringo’s editorial interests are just starting. A few days ago went on sale other text that is available to web surfers, Photograph.

It is a digital book with unpublished images of The Beatles, captured by his lens, which also includes interviews, music and animations.

The e-book is titled like a theme wrote by Starr in 1973 with the guitarist George Harrison and released as a solo single after the breakup of The Beatles.

A printed version will be released shortly with a circulation of 2500 copies, said Starr in recent statements to the press.

The texts accompanying the photos were written by me. In this book there are images that no one else can have, and also tales and stories of the days when the band was in full swing, he added.

Lovers of exclusivity can buy this deluxe edition, which besides the images of the Liverpool quartet has an added value: it will be bound by hand.

On the occasion of his birthday, the Grammy museum in Los Angeles dedicated a tribute shows to the musician.

“Ringo: Peace and Love” is the title of the exhibition, which displays photographs, unpublished letters, documents and personal items, such as the battery used in the New Yorker Shea stadium concert on August 15, 1965, one of the most important in the history of The Beatles.

The fans to this quartet, and especially to its drummer, can also delight in the display of some of the costumes used in several of his presentations and clips with themes like “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “Help!”

There is also a space for the exchange with the artist. An interactive room will revive the passions of those days and visitors will receive a virtual battery lesson taught by Starr.

But Ringo’s solo work came only when The Beatles dissolved. In 1973 went on sale his first album, Ringo, and a year later Goodnight Vienna.

In the audiovisual world he performed The Caveman (1981), and also narrated the first two seasons of the animated children’s series Thomas and His Friends.

In 1989 the musician created Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, a band with which he goes annually on tour.

Ringo is author of fifteen solo albums, one of them is Time takes time, the first in a series of collaborations with musician Mark Hudson, who produced further work as Vertical Man (1997), Ringo Rama (2003) and Choose love (2005).

His latest album, Ringo 2012, took him to stages in the United States and Canada to continue this year with several concerts in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

* Head of the Culture Editorial Department of Prensa Latina News’ Agency.

Source: Prensa Latina


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