Cuban Chess GM Domínguez for First Win in World Cup

Cuban Chess GM Domínguez for First Win in World Cup

Cuban Chess GM Domínguez for First Win in World Cup

Oslo, Aug 10  –  Cuban Leinier Domínguez, best Latin American chess placer at present, will seek his first triumph today in the Tromso World Cup, facing Egyptian Essam El Gindy.

Domínguez, with an Elo of two thousand 757 points, was placed tenth in the initial ranking of the tournament and his first opponent ranks 119.
If Domínguez wins, he would face in the second round the winner of the duel between US player Alexander Onischuk and Venezuelan Eduardo Iturrizaga.

Another Cuban, Lazaro Bruzon, comes out in place 45 of the initial ranking and is scheduled to face Russian Evgueni Najer in the first round, who classified for his performance in the European Championship 2012-2013.

If he conquers this tough rival, Bruzon would very probably have as rival in the second round, Azerbaidzhani Teimour Radjabov, who will face Peruvian Jorge Cori in his debut.

The largest Caribbean island will also depend on Isan Ortiz, placed in the 87th place, who will play against Hungarian Judith Polgar.

For his part, Argentinian champion Diego Flores is scheduled to face Francisco Vallejo, 42nd place of the world ranking and the only Spaniard in the tournament.

The other two Argentinians are Ruben Felgaer and Sandro Mareco, who will oppose Russian Alexander Riazantsev and Czech David Novara.

Peruvian Julio Granda, 69th in the ranking, living in Spain and for manh years the best chess player in Latin America, will play against Armenian Hrant Melkumyan.

Also, Brazilian Alexander Fier will rival Polish Radoslaw Wojtaszek, while his fellowman Rafael Leitao will play against Russian Ernest Inarkiev, 66th in the ranking.

The big absentees will be world champion, Indian Viswanathan Anand, who is saving his strength to rival the title in November against number one of the world ranking, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen who will not play at this event in Norway to concentrate on the challenge against the Asian player, fixed at 12 games.

The World Cup is programmed for six rounds, each one to be extended for three days: one game with whites, other with blacks and the third day is reserved for eventual “tie-breaks”.

The final will consist in four games.

A total of 128 players -13 of them from Latin America- and in all from 40 countries will take part in the tournament, to end on September 3.

Source: Prensa Latina

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