The First Prize of the photography competition Jóvenes en el Lente goes to Lidia Mariela Gutiérrez

Young Photographers Receives Prizes

Young Photographers Receives Prizes

Cuba, Aug, 12 – The Center for Study for Young People, supported by the Young Communist League, the Hermanos Saiz Association, and the Cuban Photography Library held for the first time the Photography Competition Jóvenes en el Lente, whose First Prize went to Mariela Gutiérrez, a 17 years old who won with her work Desafío.

Mariela said that «this prize ismore than a challenge, it is the impulse I need to be initiated into the fascinating world of photography, which like the surfing practice, a sport I reflect in my work, it encourages me to believe in myself.»

The second and third prizes went to Germán Alcolea and Ariam Gamel, with their respectively works Santa Fe and Sin Título. The three artists Mariela, Germán and Ariam were among 85 authors from ten provinces who exhibited their work in this competition held to salute the International Youth Day.

The jury, composed of specialists from the Cuban Photography Library gave mentions to the following works: Con un toque de Alegría, by Luisa Hernández; Contracorriente, by Javier Pérez; Sin cuenta y 1, by Amelia Fernández; Efímero momento, by Diuber Sicilia; Coreografía del fuego, by Carlos Más; the diptych Espejo Nacional, by Ángel León; and Causa y Efecto, by Ricardo López.

The Jose Marti Young Pioneers’ Organization gave a prize for the photography of Yanela Piñero and Adriano Toledo, the youngest under-15s participants, while the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation gave prizes for the works Pelota pasada por agua, by Alberto Darias; Pasión por el deporte, by Pablo Castilla, and  Cuatro esquinas, by César Vega.

The José Martí Cultural Society recognized Mailín Ramírez, Pablo Alejandro Gabirea and  Raquel Pollo for their respectively works El Maestro, A la sombra del Apóstol and the Llama de la Juventud. For its part the José Martí Art Instructor Brigade distinguished Juan Camilo Cruz because his work Cadetes.

The publishing house Editora Abril awarded Germán Alcolea; Amelia Fernández; Vladimir Ronquillo and Alberto Darias for their respectively photographs Santa Fe; Sin cuenta y 1, and  Pelota pasada por agua.

The Cuban Association of Teachers, the National Council of Cultural Centers, the project Pensando en nosotros, and the Correspondent’s office of the Inter Press Service agency, also awarded some of the 30 works exhibited in the gallery Antonia Eiriz de La Madriguera, located in Havana. These works will be further exhibited in different provinces as a tribute to the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students.

The photography competition Jóvenes en el Lente  opened the call to celebrate a new competition with the topic Naturaleza, ruralidad y medio ambiente, (Nature, rural life, and environment) therefore photographs should be sent to the Center for Study of Young People from April 1st to June 15, 2014.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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