Decried in Uruguay Lack of Political Will over Sexual Rights

Decried in Uruguay Lack of Political Will over Sexual Rights

Decried in Uruguay Lack of Political Will over Sexual Rights

Montevideo, Aug 13  –  Mariela Castro, director of the Cuban National Sexual Education Center, decried today the lack of political will in the region to commit to defend sexual and reproductive rights.

However, when mentioning that some countries have made progress concerning legislations, she pointed out that it is not enough to have laws, because it is necessary to have educational and social communication strategies to modify the inherited schemes.

The also Cuban deputy attends here the First Meeting of Latin America and the Caribbean on Population and Development, in preparation for the international summit (CIPD) to be held next year in the United Nations.

Mariela Castro called to reactivate the Action Plan of Cairo-1994 and update it with proposals from today´s youth.

The absence of political will to define sexual and reproductive strategies promotes high numbers of adolescent pregnancies, maternal deaths and violence against women, among other evils in a dramatic situation in the region with 26 million of adolescents and youths.

She added that 20 percent of children born in the region are offsprings of adolescent mothers. 250 thousand live with HIV and 40 percent of young girls expressed their first sexual experience was forced.

She called for conscious, critical and reflexive intervention on the topic fo sexuality in human history and said “there are people who are afraid of women power and consider youths as dangerous.”

Mariela Castro attended today a panel of the High Level Work Troup, formed also by Brazilian Alessandra Nilo, Argentinian Mirta Marina and Costa Rican Juan Camilo Saldarriaga, who called on the Conference to speak out on those topics.

Source: Prensa Latina


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