Cuba Bets on Nature Tourism

Cuba Bets on Nature Tourism

Cuba Bets on Nature Tourism

Havana, Aug 15  –  With the development of the local tourism industry, Cuba bets today for a diversification of offer and at the same time the traditional sun and beach mode, particularly for nature.

That’s the case of the enhancement acquired by an international meeting of this mode that authorities propose for late September in the eastern region, due to its almost virgin vegetation and the development of related specialties.

The Ninth International Meeting on Nature Tourism “Turnat 2013” will be held on September 24 to 28 in the eastern Cuban province of Granma.

On behalf of the organizers, Raul Naranjo, general manager of Ecotur SA travel agency, stated that this is not a meeting of many attendees, but highly specialized people from Europe and Latin America.

Naranjo confirmed the attendance of experts from Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Italy, and the country expects that delegates from Argentina, Brazil, France, and Germany join the list.

The program includes presentations, lectures on nature tourism, cultural heritage and environment, as well as tours of scenarios of interest. The event is also organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, and the National Enterprise for the Protection of Flora and Fauna.

Source: Prensa Latina

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