PAHO Expert Highlights Cuban Immunization Program

PAHO Expert Highlights Cuban Immunization Program

PAHO Expert Highlights Cuban Immunization Program

Havana, Aug 15  –  The American region is the most advanced in the population immunization, and Cuba in particular has a strong vaccination program, which has eliminated diseases such as measles, an expert said.

Andrea Vicari, international adviser on immunization of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), told Prensa Latina that since the 80s that condition ceased to be a health problem for the island.

He noted the large capacity of development of Cuba and the possibilities of introducing new vaccines.

Vicari, who is participating in the 13th International Course on dengue control in session in Havana from August 12 to 23, indicated that there is still no effective immunogen for this disease.

But according to the official, several studies are being developed in the world, a many of them are in advanced stage of research, so may be in two or three years one of them is ready to go to market.

Luis G. Castellanos, coordinator of the Neglected Tropical Diseases transmitted by vectors, PAHO / WHO, said the 2013 is considered an epidemic year for dengue in the American region, because the number of cases reported exceeds the million and a half so far.

However, he acknowledged that despite the increase of people affected, the death figurel dropped because the countries have made good job and the prognosis is positive.

Dengue fever is a very complex issue to address and demand the participation of other sectors outside the health sphere and population plays an important role in preventing the disease, the offcial said.

Some 300 experts from various nations are participating in the event, which scientific agenda includes lectures and symposia on integrated surveillance, clinic, epidemiology, virology and immunology, environmental risk factors, community participation and control of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, dengue transmitting agent.

The event also includes practical sessions and meetings of experts, said Dr. Maria Guadalupe Guzman, president of the Organizing Committee.

Source: Prensa Latina


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