Saving Lives in Angola, An Emblem by Cuban Collaborators

Saving Lives in Angola, An Emblem by Cuban Collaborators

Saving Lives in Angola, An Emblem by Cuban Collaborators

Luanda, Aug 21  –  The eradication of outbreaks of mosquito and with them malaria, one of the major causes of death in Angola, lead the 145 Cuban collaborators engaged in vector control in this Southern African country.

During a tour of the extensive municipal capital of Viana, one of the largest population in Angola, Prensa Latina appreciated the work carried out by collaborators of the Cuban business group Labiofam and Angolan brigade members since 2009 in remote communities.

Here in Viana, together with a brigade of local fumigators, three Cuban collaborators work as consultants in vector control, work the population appreciates due to the benefits for health, Cuban specialist Alejandro Figueredo said in the Madera neighborhood.

The effectiveness of biological products, such as Bactivec and Griselef, among other applications, affects the elimination of outbreaks of mosquito, Figueredo said.

Such elements, biodegradable and does not pollute the environment, are applied in rooted insect farms, either in drainage ditches, residences, and other sites, said Figueredo, who is a veterinarian.

In face of operators’ effort to help to prevent diseases such as malaria and dengue, the residents in Madera community decided to help in garbage collection and elimination of water leaks, settlerVirginia de Nascimento said.

Source: Prensa Latina

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