The Community on the Spotlight of the Cuban Women Federation

The Community on the Spotlight of the Cuban Women Federation

The Community on the Spotlight of the Cuban Women Federation

HAVANA, Aug 20 – Members of the Cuban Women’s Federation (FMC) in the Old Section of Havana stressed the organization’s comprehensive, solid and creative work in favor of the local community as they celebrate the 53rd Anniversary of their federation.
FMC general secretary in the Old Section of Havana, Mirtha Sosa, stressed the strong working links to the local government and other grassroots and social organizations in the municipality that have a direct impact on the community. These relations enhance local initiatives aimed at favoring the social integration of youths and households with behavior or social problems, she noted.

In this regard, the FMC official referred to a program of courses on trades such as hair-dressing, massage, gastronomy, as well as foreign languages and others. When the youths cannot afford the fees of the courses, the women’s organization offers them free of charge, she explained.

Sosa noted that in a private restaurant known as La Moneda Cubana, in Old Havana, they trained over 250 youths in different services and this is not all, she said, after the youths are skilled enough, the FMC helps the trainees to get a job as well.

The official said that the significance of the initiatives is marked by the joint effort of several actors who give personalized attention to these neighbors and their families that face social problems, such as domestic violence, alcoholism and others.

In Old Havana, women get involved in social initiatives implemented by local government delegates or councilors, who are also in charge of giving attention to spiritual and material needs of senior citizens. This way they count on a construction brigade that is currently help repairing homes in bad shape, along other actions.

Source: ACN


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