Cuban Women Ratify Transformative, Revolutionary Legacy

Cuban Women Ratify Transformative, Revolutionary Legacy

Cuban Women Ratify Transformative, Revolutionary Legacy

Santiago de Cuba,  Aug 23  –  After 53 years of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC), the transformative and revolutionary legacy of female contribution led by heroine Vilma Espin, eternal president of the organization, is ratified.

During a massive event held in this city, FMC general secretary Teresa Amarrelle Boue recalled the heartfelt words of appreciation to Cuban women expressed by President Raul Castro, during the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the attack on Moncada Garrison on July 26.
Amarelle evoked the presence of Vilma, who died in 2007, in the tasks the FMC members have undertaken, to continue the work begun by her, to maintain and enhance the role of women within the society.

He referred to the terrible situation inherited by the Revolution in 1959, when women were only 13 percent of the country’s labor force, mostly as maids, and also prevailed in the statistics of illiteracy and other social evils.

She cited some of the current figures contrasting with that reality, stating that Cuba is an example of the axiom that women status is one of the most telling indicators to judge any society.

Source: Prensa Latina


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