Cubans Organize a Cultural Center devoted to Benny Moré

Cubans Organize a Cultural Center devoted to Benny Moré

Cubans Organize a Cultural Center devoted to Benny Moré

Cienfuegos,  24 Aug  – The project for creating the Cultural Center Benny Moré progresses in the Cuban city of Cienfuegos (center-south of the island), said today Carlos Díaz, leader of that initiative.

The new institution will have its venue in front of the park José Martí, nucleus of the urban area declared by Unesco World Heritage in 2005, said Díaz in statements to Prensa Latina.The project also will be extended to Santa Isabel de las Lajas, municipal head located in the same province, birth place of the most emblematic of the Cuban popular singers in the XX century.

The Center will host the Prefesorship Benny Moré of the University of Cienfuegos, and will be permanent headquarters of the Organizing Committee for the International Festivals in honor to brilliant artist, events that claim restart in 2015, the official.

A documentation center and a line of folk crafts specialized in music by the Cuban Cultural Goods Fund and the Cuban Association of Artisans, constitute other of the aggregate values of the institution.

Attending to the principles of economic policy tracings recently by the Cuban government, Casa Benny Moré will implement a business line I can do self-sustaining the project.

In such sense it intends to develop a work of conjunction with the Agency Paradiso, specialized in cultural tourism, with the purpose of market the product Benny Moré among visitors outsiders interested in the universe of popular music.

By publishing label Mecenas, of Cienfuegos, (250 kilometers southeast of Havana) the promoters of the cultural project aspire to create the collection Siguaraya (title of one of the pieces anthological of the discography of Moré) in order to publish studies biographical and musicological, well as topics of Cuban popular culture, concluded Díaz.

Bartolo Maximiliano Moré (Benny) died in Havana at age 43 old, the February 19, 1963, after a successful musical career also made into cinema, which had as main scenarios to Mexico and Venezuela, besides his homeland .

Source: Prensa Latina


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