Brazilians Welcome Cuban Doctors

Brazilians Welcome Cuban Doctors

Brazilians Welcome Cuban Doctors

Brasilia, Aug 25  –  Hundreds of Brazilians welcomed 206 Cuban physicians who, along with local doctors, will work as a gesture of solidarity in rural and faraway areas of country.

The group of Cuban experts arrived in Brasilia on Saturday night on a Cubana de Aviacion flight, and were warmly welcomed by members of social movements, political parties and unions, who expressed gratitude for their presence here to help improve people’s health.

This is a humanitarian, enviable action of cooperation with other peoples, like Brazil, which needs doctors to bring health services to the most remote areas of this territory, Brazilian citizen Nara Velosa told Prensa Latina.

Members of the Workers’ Party (PT), the Confederation of Workers (CUT), the Union of Socialist Youth (UJS), the Landless Workers’ Movement (MTS), group of friendship with Cuba and other organizations welcomed the physicians.

They are part of a contingent of doctors from Cuban and other countries who responded to the “Mais Medicos” (More Doctors) program, boosted by the government to work on the outskirts of large cities and rural areas.

Cuba’s participation was achieved after a cooperation agreement was signed between the Cuban Ministry of Public Health and the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) to provide medical services in primary health care institutions in Brazil, based on the principles of South-South cooperation.

According to the agreement, about 4,000 Cuban medical professionals will arrive in Brazil by late 2013.

Source: Prensa Latina

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